A System of Christian Theology (10 vols.)

One of my favorite Reformed theologians is Amandus Polanus. He is well-known for his logical distinctions and his ability to summarize and systematize the Reformed tradition before him. I was excited to hear that his work, the Syntagma, is being published (by download only).

The Syntagma has influenced the giants of the Reformed tradition, like John Owen, Charles Hodge, and B. B. Warfield, and was consistently relied upon by such theologians as Herman Bavinck and Karl Barth. In his Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, Richard A. Muller cites and refers to Polanus and the Syntagma nearly 600 times to illustrate classic Reformed orthodoxy. An invaluable resource for scholars, pastors, students, and interested lay-people, the Syntagma is the chief representative of Reformed orthodoxy in the generation following the Reformation, coming at last in English as A System of Christian Theology.


Lexham Press is pleased to announce the first ever English translation of Amandus Polanus’Syntagma Theologiae Christianae, or, A System of Christian Theology. Using the Pre-Pub Process for this project allows us to invest in translating Syntagma Theologiae Christianae, in proportion to community demand. With Pre-Pub, books that have hitherto only been available to specialists will soon be accessible to everyone. As the scope of the project becomes clearer (for example, once we announce the translator and begin production), the price may increase. That means users who pre-order right away will get the best price.

I’d encourage you to buy it. It is a must-own for those who love Reformed theology.

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